Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday in Haiti

Sunday morning we got on the bus and traveled just down the road to a church. It was a block building with wooden benches that two young ushers moved around to accomodate everyone. I thought to myself that we need to send our ushers for training - two young men wore almost uniform-type clothing complete with ribbons hanging from one shoulder. They even saluted each other. But, when people arrived, they would promptly rearrange benches and lead them to seats.

The block walls didn't allow for much ventilation or breeze to flow through. It was hot. This poor Baptist was melting. When I noticed one of the Haitian women start to fan herself, I joined in.

There were three groups who sang special music - all women yet led by men. Two of the groups had "costumes" - matching clothes. Even in the extreme heat, the men still sported long sleeves and the pastor and music director wore full suits. One of our Haitian camp staff translated the sermon. I thanked him afterward with total empathy (having experienced some difficult signing assignments before). During the invitation time a young man and woman came forward. When they started to pray over them, the young woman fell to the ground and began to convulse. Later we learned that she was possessed by a demon who had done that to her. After the service, the Haitian people came by welcoming us and shaking our hands.

The same guy interpreted our worship in the evening back at the camp, but this time he translated into Creole for the Haitian attenders. The pastor spoke on redeeming our time - make the most of these evil times - see it as an opportunity to show Christ. We had another women's group sing accompanied by two guitars, one banjo, and a drum set. I could've listened to them all night even though I didn't know one word they were saying. But, the message showed on their faces.

I reflected on the day wondering if others can see I have Jesus just by the look on my face like the Christian Haitians I had met that day. I thought about the blatant show of satan in the young woman, but how very sneaky and crafty he is in the United States. I do need to make the most of every opportunity, every moment to shine for Christ.

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