Thursday, June 7, 2012

Deep breath - inhale, exhale. I'm doing a few deep breathing exercises to calm my spirit. Bright and early Friday morning (5 A.M.), my daughter and I embark on our journey to Haiti. We will be there a week having opportunities to get a camp ready for Haitian children and to do Bible schools with the kids in some of the surrounding villages.

Something incredible must be on God's agenda because the enemy has been against me all this week, placing doubt in my mind. Please pray I will focus on the Lord.

Please pray that our travel is safe and smooth - going through customs isn't fun these days. Ask that God would calm our spirits.

Please pray for our health as we are there. The whole group will be taking meds for Malaria while we're there, hoping for no side effects. We have a few in our group who have allergies and a couple who have knee issues.

Please pray for our effectiveness is sharing God's love even if it is only through our actions. Pray also we will be able to proclaim the hope found in Christ which these people so deperately need.

Please pray that we will listen to what God might have to teach us away from the hustle and bustle of America.

Please pray for our families here in the US.

To say we covet your prayers is putting it mildly. We are thankful we can ask our brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for us wherever you are and wherever we are.

We will bring you a report of God's work when we return.

If you are on Facebook you can check out a daily update and even pictures by liking Crossings Camps.

Thank you.
Your Sis in Christ,

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