Friday, February 2, 2018

Daily Surrender and Sacrifice

"Our initial surrender to Christ was the launching pad for a lifetime of continual surrender and sacrifice. Now on a daily basis we are called to live that out by responding to various circumstances and choices in obedience and surrender to His will."

"Realizing that every act of obedience is significant in God's economy and that it is all for Him will add a sense of purpose and joy as we bring our sacrifices and offerings."

I think I've often felt that on the day I was saved that was my surrender, but that was just the initial surrender in a lifetime commitment to continue this action.

Daily I have to decide to obey His leading. There are times I yank back that control in my ignorance. This might be a momentary feeling that I know what needs to be done next. Or sometimes this is a reaction of fear about what God might call on me to do or say or be.

However, when I successfully stay in a posture of surrender to His will, there is a sense of purpose and even joy.

Specifically I feel God would want me to:
Give my best at my job, working as unto the Lord.
Shine His light in the darkness, being salt and light.
Be sensitive to the Spirit in me and what He might urge me to do, say, or act.
Just love, seeing others as Christ sees them - worth it.

Here are the roadblocks I have to be careful of:
Nobody cares if I do a good job. Why should I try?
I'm just one person. What good is my little light?
Others won't respect what I might say or do?
"Those" people are hard to love.

Lord, help me bust through the roadblocks to do what You would have me to do.

What has God called you to do or say? Have you held back?

(Quotes from Surrender by Nancy Leigh DeMoss)

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