Saturday, May 7, 2016

Monday, May 9th - Lost Sock Memorial Day

Sounds like a crazy little holiday, doesn't it? But truly I think there's not another more fitting day to follow Mother's Day.

How many times have we moms been completely baffled as to that one sock that is left over when we've folded all of the laundry? And of course, that is the exact pair of socks which will go perfectly with her outfit. But now what will she do? Why, she'll have to change the whole outfit!

I'm pretty sure a mom had to start the fad of wearing two different socks. What better way to solve all of those singles?

Is there a special place all of those lost socks go? It would seem when the washer and dryer were transported to another house, a whole stack of socks should be hiding underneath. But I've never found this to be true. Thus, we would have to assume socks are being eaten by the washer or dryer. That thought conjures a scary feeling, making me a bit leery and yet more respectful of my appliances.

Then again, we mustn't blame all of those poor lost socks on the appliances. Just when I give up, trash all of the singles, and buy new pairs, several lost socks will magically reappear from under beds, floors of closets, and even under the clothes hamper.

Lost Sock Memorial Day doesn't cause me to reflect on all those single socks I've found through the years. No, I think about how fortunate I've been to be called a mom. Though I've often dragged myself through washing those socks, it was one way I took care of my daughter. I'm thankful God has allowed me to provide socks for her feet and watch those feet grow.

One day when she's a mom and asks me where all those lost socks go, I won't have an answer, only theories. I'll just tell her to be thankful and to hide a stash of socks in her dresser drawer for those little feet.

God, socks make me think about the little things in life. I need to thank You for the little things, too.  


Mary Albers Felkins said...

I let mine just sit and sit and sit until the other one shows up. If I lose patience and toss the lone sock, guess what shows up? Yeah.

Brooke Cox said...

What a fun blog girlfriend. Hey, God knows where all those socks are. LOL

Paula Mowery said...

Mary and Brooke, this post is proof of my quirkiness! LOL Thanks for stopping in.