Monday, May 2, 2016

Me Quirky?

Please check out this interview I did for Sandra Robbins' blog.

She included some interesting questions. One has to do with the word quirky. Read to find out what my response was after asking my daughter about the word quirky in relation to me. Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

Click on the interview link below, read the interview, then return here and comment what you found most interesting. I have an e-copy of The Crux of Honor for one commenter.

Interview on Sandra's Blog


Kathy Anderson said...

The one thing I found the most interesting - you are an "author in residence" at the elementary school. I also find the program you started "TAG" interesting. It sounds like a program that should be at all elementary schools.

Paula Mowery said...

Thanks so much Kathy! I'm having such fun writing the Chloe story on that blog. Some of the classes are really into her and her story. That would be my dream job in the school system - to be the writing coach and teach writing lessons through all the elementary grades. I have a lot of fun writing with my writing peeps.