Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Preview of For Our Good

My Christian romantic suspense, For Our Good, is slated to release in the fall. I'm excited to share this story with my readers. This story involves romance and yet an equal amount of suspense. Something a little different for this author. But, I must admit that I really enjoyed creating the characters and scenarios in this book.

God always prompts me to include Christian themes into my writing. This book is no exception. The title, For Our Good, hints at one theme. This is taken from that familiar verse in Romans 8:28, speaking of God working for the good. The reader will also encounter a strong theme focusing on those in the last days who will feign Christianity.

I have yet to include a study at the end of one of my romance fictions, but this book will include a study. I'm hoping this will allow readers to delve further into the themes and even make application to their own lives.

Let me introduce you to one of the characters from For Our Good. Please welcome Charlotte Jarvis, otherwise known as Charlie.

Charlie - Thanks for having me on your blog. And, yes, Charlie is an interesting shortened nickname form of Charlotte. But, if you ask my friends, it just fits.

Paula - I see. Are you a tomboy then?

Charlie - You might say that. I've had to be pretty tough in my line of work as a police officer.

Paula - I'm sure you have. Let's back up. Where were you born and where are you now?

Charlie - Well, I was born in East Tennessee in the Knoxville area. Soon after my parents passed away, I moved to Florida and worked there on a special drug unit. Recently, I've been called back to my hometown to fill in for a woman who needed to leave her desk job temporarily.

Paula - Oh, how did it feel to come home? Are you staying?

Charlie - Well, I have to admit that it feels awkward. I haven't been back since my parents passed. But, this is only a temporary gig. I'll be back to Florida soon.

Paula - Any friends to catch up with?

Charlie - Um, no, not really. It is ironic that one of the police officers at the station is a guy I went to school with. His name is Jordan.

Paula - Have you done anything else other than work at the police station since arriving?

Charlie - I've just started attending church with Jordan and his family.

Paula - That's nice. I suppose you miss your church back in Florida.

Charlie - Well, I don't really have a church back there. I've visited a few.

Paula - Haven't been able to find the right one? Your parents brought you up in church, right?

Charlie - Yes, my parents were active members of a little church on the other side of town. Jordan's church is much bigger. Thanks for the interview and I hope to see you around.

If you get the feeling that Charlie is being quite elusive in sharing about herself, you would be right. Let's just say that Charlie has a big secret. You can read her full story in For Our Good. You will also see the ghosts she struggles with and her true feelings toward church and God.

Stay tuned for more information on this book and its characters.

Now for a question for you to answer in the comments. Name a book character and post a question you would like to ask that character. Please list the book name and author if you could.

I'll start. The character, Gabi, from Janice Thompson's book, The Dream Dress. Gabi, if there was nothing to stop you, what would your dream be?

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Brooke Cox said...

I love it! How clever are you? How about Addy from The Blessing Seer? I would ask if she felt any different after receiving the visions than before.