Friday, April 3, 2015

A Renewed Perspective

Just like Christmas, the Easter story can become so familiar that we miss its significance in our lives. When was the last time we fully considered what Jesus did for us on the cross?

First, we must remember that He was the Christ, the promised Messiah. Why is this important? There was no one else who could have been the perfect sacrifice to take away our sin. Only God’s Son who was without sin could pay for our sin.

But, though He was divine, He was also human. He had to become a man to set an example for us as well as prove He could relate with all our struggles. His humanity means that He felt the nails and the agony of dying through crucifixion. He was willing to endure that for our sins, our chance at forgiveness.

What about his resurrection? Jesus was dead and had paid for the sins of all. There was one more proof and one more lesson Jesus was to fulfill. What additional proof would be needed that Jesus was who He said he was than to come back to life? As He emerged from that tomb alive, He proclaimed a message, a lesson, of hope. When we accept and believe that Jesus died for our sins that we might have forgiveness, we rise to a new life and possess the hope of glory in Heaven.
I’ve used a simple illustration with children to drive home the story of Easter. I give each child a biscuit and a marshmallow. The biscuit is the tomb and the marshmallow is Jesus. By wrapping the biscuit around the marshmallow, we seal Jesus in the tomb. I usually roll them in melted butter and a sugar-cinnamon mixture and then bake. When the children open their biscuit tombs, it is hollow inside. Jesus has risen so the tomb is empty but our hearts are full because now He lives in us.
This Easter step back and get a fresh perspective on what Christ has done for you. Though the tomb is empty, our hearts are full.

Is your heart full of Jesus? 


Anonymous said...

I love your marshmallow/biscuit illustration. That is definitely a great way to show how Jesus was NOT in the tomb when it was opened.
I bet it tastes good, too.

Paula Mowery said...

Thanks Wade. Of course, the kids are just amazed, wondering where their marshmallows went. Really brings home the point for them!