Monday, December 22, 2014


Recently, I heard this song again. I considered its meaning.

Heirloom means something passed down from generation to generation.

When we haul out the boxes of Christmas decorations, we often remember stories about certain ornaments. And Christmas always brings up memories of past holidays spent together as family. Those discussions often lead to stories of those who have gone on to Heaven. I like to relate these stories of ancestors to the younger generation so they will understand the rich heritage they have to carry on.

Those stories and relics aren't just interesting tidbits to entertain but a legacy to maintain laid down by hard-working and sacrificing loved ones.

The same is true of the story of Jesus. It can be told and enjoyed as a good story but it is so much more. Is this all that we live for and all we are hoping to be?

Listen closely to the words of this song. I hope that the story of Jesus as well as the memories from my ancestors are more than just heirlooms.

Heirlooms by Amy Grant

Here's a special cookbook I was included in that contains not only recipes but memories of family.

Memories Cookbook

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