Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mothers and Daughters

Teena Stewart is my guest today. We became friends and colleagues when we worked on the historical Christian fiction anthology, Brave New Century. Teena is sharing about a new book today.

Q:  What motivated you to write this book?
A:  My desire to improve my relationship with my mother, which at best could be described as strained.  When I shared some of my frustrations with women I knew I was stunned to learn that many of them also had painful connections with their moms. I wanted to encourage women who felt there was no hope for improvement.
Q:  Tell us a little more about your book
A:  I interviewed many different women, some with good relationships and some with poor ones. Their input on why these relationships were what they were was invaluable. Everything is from a Christian perspective and gives real life examples of these bonds. Based on those examples and my own experience with my mom, I share suggestions for what we can do to bring about improvement with the understanding that we have to set aside our desire for an ideal relationship.
Q:  Why do you think so many women struggle with this?
A:  There are a number of reasons. Dysfunction can be passed down from one generation to the next. Sometimes moms become controlling because they want to prevent hurt or want to live their lives through their children because of some unmet need of their own. Sometimes there is mental illness. Sometimes the mothers have experienced deep hurts in their own lives so they function based on trying to protect themselves. Sometimes it’s personality differences. There are many different reasons. The underlying thread that I saw as I wrote this work was that it’s because everyone is broken.
Q:  What do you hope women will learn from this book?
A:  First of all, forgiveness. If we can learn to forgive it will help us move on and avoid bitterness. But also, that there are no perfect relationships and if we want a relationship to change, we are the ones who have to make it happen, and not necessarily the other person.
Q:  What is the exact book title and where can people purchase it?
A:  It is called Mothers and Daughters: Mending a Strained Relationship published through Beacon Hill. You can order it via or most any bookstore or through my website at

Mothers and daughters. In perhaps no other relationship are your hopes so high, and the dysfunction so disappointing. You feel locked into a hurtful relationship that you must deal with, and it’s wearing you down. But Jesus knew we would face brokenness in the world, even in close family relationships, and still He promised the Counselor would come alongside us.

As a daughter who has struggled to maintain a healthy relationship with her mother, author Teena Stewart will help you name your hurts, face the barriers that stand in the way of a healthy mother daughter relationship and forgive what feels unforgivable. Learn to cultivate a friendship, communicate more effectively, and become a part of the change you want to see. There is hope for restoration and renewal.

Thanks for sharing with us about your new book, Teena. 

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