Monday, March 10, 2014


In preparation for my new release next week, I''ve been thinking about the topic of Legacy. My book is titled Legacy and Love and involves a godly legacy passed down through a grandmother.

Have you thought much about what kind of legacy you are leaving behind? I'm not talking about money or possessions. I'm speaking of the spiritual foundations you have laid or are laying in the lives of those around you.

So often we want to think that taking our children to church every once in a while is enough to assure that our children "get it." As I listen to heartbroken mothers crying because their son or daughter has abandoned his or her faith, I cringe. I also note that without being intentional about passing on a Christian heritage, those children won't possess it.

I'm afraid that we don't take this faith thing seriously. Can I tell you that there are professors in colleges all across our country that want nothing more than to get your offspring in their class and mess them up? Think I'm being overdramatic? I've read articles in which professors have actually said that one of their goals is to get these Christian kids in their class and test them until they don't know what they believe.

Does your son or daughter have the spiritual foundation to combat something like that? Makes you think, right?

The first step to passing on a godly legacy is to make sure you have a rock solid one yourself. I'm not preaching this. I'm telling you from experience. When I made the decision to assure that my daughter had a rock solid Christian foundation, I started with my own heart and on my knees.

When I had checked my relationship with Christ, I started to pray for guidance in directing my daughter toward an authentic relationship with Jesus.

What was the first area God had me to "teach?" He impressed on me the importance of living it. If God was truly priority number one, I needed to prove it. This included worship attendance no matter what else was going on. I needed to read my Bible daily and pray. I needed to show my daughter that I would turn off a TV show if it was offensive or used profanity.

Yeah, I didn't say this was easy, but then again, the Christian life isn't easy. In fact, it's impossible. We can only do it by allowing Christ to live through us and guide us every moment. Isn't this exactly what we want our sons and daughters to learn?

Difficult as it may be, my daughter is worth it. I want her to be successful in this life. But, the success I want for her is wrapped in Christ's plan for her. That's true success. But, I don't want to leave this to chance. I strive to be intentional in leaving a godly legacy.

Won't you join me?

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Brooksie said...

So true! If you don't have faith, then how can you teach to your children. Talk about the blind leading the blind.