Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Raise Them Up In The Way They Should Go

Do you know that scripture that talks about raising up our children in the right way - God's way - and when they are grown, they will not depart from it?

Through twelve years of homeschooling my daughter, there were times when I wondered what in the world I had gotten myself into. The two of us are so much alike that we can definitely butt heads. But, through much prayer, God allowed us to find a way to homeschool successfully.

Now, my daughter has begun college through Liberty University Online. I'm proud of what she has accomplished so far during her first six weeks. It is a little strange not to be her teacher anymore, but I am happy to see the continuation of a Christian-based education.

I especially love to see her in action, passing on godly lessons to her Wednesday night choir groups and her Sunday school class. Her calling is to teach children about God and prepare them for a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. Her heart feels such an urgency to help parents train up their children in God's way.

Here she is teaching about the armor of God, specifically the belt of truth.

Here are all her kids with their belts.

Thank You, God, for the opportunity to educate my daughter in Your ways. May she never depart from it.

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Brooksie said...

That's quite the girl you have there! Fruit doesn't fall far the tree.