Monday, May 6, 2013

National Teachers Day

May 7th is National Teachers Day.

Do you know of a teacher who could use some encouragement on this day? By all means, don't let the day pass without taking the time and effort to do this. If you have kids still in school, please take advantage of this day and tell their teachers how much you appreciate them.

Let me tell you a few reasons you should thank a teacher.

That teacher went through at least four years of college and probably has the student debt to prove it.

That teacher spends many more hours aside from the school day, to plan for what happens in the classroom. Many teachers sacrifice time with their own families to prepare for their work days.

That teacher has the pressure of administering tests each year that can often mean reprimands. Everyone should be accountable in their job, but to expect a teacher to work miracles with trouble students and those with learning problems is asking a little too much.

That teacher has to deal with behavioral problems that weren't a problem when some of us attended school years ago - a trip to the principal and a wooden paddle took care of a lot of that.

That teacher has to deal with the fact that when it comes to educating the children in her/his class, there will be very little help or support from home.

That teacher faces the blame for illiterate children even though she/he is forced to pass a child on to the next grade when she/he knows the child shouldn't move on.

Thus, I say: Thank you, teachers, for your sacrifice and efforts to educate our children. I know despite the negatives of the job, many of you feel called into this profession. I appreciate your dedication and pray God will reward your efforts and bless you greatly.

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Kara Akins said...

This is so true. And the degrees and tests we have to take are hard! I'm getting my degree in Special Education and am in the midst of finals purgatory. Teachers in our country certainly don't get the respect they deserve. Thanks for posting in support of them!