Saturday, May 25, 2013

God's Love - Like an Ocean

As I sat on the beach, I looked out over the ocean and listened.

God's love for us can be compared to that ocean.

Sometimes the water just gently rolls in toward the shore.

God's love is a gentle kind of love. He cares about everything we're going through - small or large. I've experienced his gentle love when I've been grieving a loss. It just rolls over you, soothing.

Sometimes the water drives with more force.

God's love is a strong force. It can roll over you, knocking off the rough edges.

God's love is stronger than anything - powering through the hardest heart.

The ocean is vast. As you stand on the shore, looking out toward the horizon, there is no end in sight.

God's love is vast with no end in sight.

Just as I could not hold a wave, I can't fully explain God's love.

If you need to learn of God's kind of love or you need a reminder, read John 3:16 and 1 Corinthians 13.

God can use nature to reveal Himself to us. He often does this to me. The ocean reminds me of His love. Flowers tend to remind me of His sheer creativeness. A baby reminds me of His intricate intelligence.

What are some things in nature that speak to you of the Creator?

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