Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eight Track Tape Day

April 11th is Eight Track Tape Day.

Some of you are giggling with memories of these bulky tapes and others of you are scratching your head wondering what in the world an eight-track tape is.

My parents had a car with an eight-track player in it. We thought we were somebodies listening to our Southern Gospel favorites while riding along. Then, when we were at home, Dad would put a stack of LP's on the record player and more Southern Gospel would ring throughout our house.

It's amazing how eight-track players and record players are now completely obsolete. They have been replaced by cassette tapes, then CD's, then MP3 players, and IPods, and now we listen to music on our cell phones.

Can I tell you something though? No matter how you listen to it, Christian singers are still belting out the same gospel. Because, even though technology seems to change by the moment, God never does.

Changes in technology have been said to be an improvement over the product before it. God's plan was perfect to start with - no improvement needed.

Still yet, the wages of sin is death.
Still yet, Jesus paid the sin-debt on the cross.
Still yet, we must make Jesus Savior and Lord of our lives.
Still yet, the saved will live forever in heaven.

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