Saturday, April 6, 2013

Earthen Vessel with Heavenly Contents

"Though I am an earthen vessel, I am designed to be filled with heavenly contents."

Does this quote from Sarah Young's Jesus Calling catch your attention? It does me.

I have mulled this over for a couple of days. To think that even though I am just a mortal formed from the dust of the ground, God intends for me to be filled. And, not just filled with junk from this earth, but godly stuff.

For you see, if we are filled with earthy stuff, it would be only temporary and not satisfying. To be filled with heavenly contents would mean lasting and contentment-supplying.

What kind of heavenly contents are we talking about here?

Love. Not the world's kind of love but God's unconditional, He gave all, kind of love.

Joy. Not a temporary feeling like experienced through things of this earth. No, a joy that is sustained even through suffering and trials.

Peace. Not a fleeting peace, always on the rocks wondering when it will falter. God's peace is an inner peace that transcends understanding.

I am so thankful that God wants to fill my earthly vessel with His good stuff.

Let God fill the emptiness in you with heavenly contents. That's the way He designed us - to search until we find the only thing that will satisfy - Christ in you.

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Brooksie said...

So true. That explains while so many people feel empty and don't know why.