Sunday, July 29, 2012

While in Haiti I was encouraged to locate a book of Creole proverbs. Our last day there, I found it in a gift shop at the Baptist Haiti Mission. My husband and I have enjoyed reading through the collection of sayings and their meanings. I thought I'd share a few here.

First the Creole, its literal translation, and it's meaning.

Kreyon Bondye pa gen gom.
God's pencil has no eraser.
God does not change his mind.

Bondye konn kenbe krab mete nan makout aveg.
Sometimes God catches a crab and puts it in a blind man's sack.
God takes care of the needy.

Bondye konnen pouki sa li bay chen maleng deye tet li: pou l' pa ka niche l'.
God knows why He gives the dog a sore behind its head: so it can't lick it.
God always has a purpose.

Se le bef nan savann we bouche li sonje voye je pou li.
It is when the cow in the pasture sees the butcher that she remembers to look out for him.
When things are going too well you forget about danger.

Le y'ap plimen poul kodenn pa ri.
When the chicken is being plucked, the turkey doesn't laugh.
Don't laugh at others' misfortune, for it could happen to you, too.

Lots of wisdom can be gleaned from these simple sayings from a people who know much about facing and overcoming hardship. When I think about the hope I saw in the eyes of the Haitian Christians I had the privilege to meet, I know they contain much they could teach us about faith.

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Laura McClellan said...

Love these - especially the one about the turkey and the chicken! Thank you for sharing.