Wednesday, May 2, 2012


You heard it here first. I have a calendar with Thursday, May 3rd, being Lumpy Rug Day. I am assured your life will be more complete from this time on.

When I thought about lumpy rugs, I envisioned moments when I have been sweeping my dusty wood floors. A knock startles me and my only choice is to shove those dust bunnies under the nearest area rug.

My daughter said this makes her think about sweeping sins under the rug. You think it's just a little thing, but they all build up and make the rug lumpy. It doesn't serve its purpose anymore, and the more you try to cover for each sin, the more others will see it bulging there.

But, then the writer in me caused a story scenario to form in my mind:
Paula wasn't a professional investigator, but she had seen her share of mysteries. Such a terrible event to learn of the local painter's death. There had to be more to it than a simple robbery gone awry. What a coincidence that the man had been her friend Brooke's Uncle. This gained Paula and her partner in solving crime, Brooke, access to Uncle Painter's house which was the scene of the crime. In the guise of searching for an old keepsake, they entered the house making their way to the den.
The den was casually decorated with comfortable oversized furniture and a extra-large screened TV. The house was older with wood floors so most rooms had large area rugs. The den was no exception.
"So, this is where your uncle was found?" Paula said.
Brooke glanced around the room. "Yep, he was lying on the floor right in the middle here." She indicated the area.
The two walked around every inch of the room. Paula stopped behind a worn recliner and squatted down. There was a lump in the rug. Something had been shoved under there. Could it be a clue?

What about you? What comes to your mind when you think about Lumpy Rug Day? Share some in the comments for fun!


Brooksie said...

This is the most clever thing ever!!!! I'm honored and excited.
I'll have to think about that lump.

You go girldfriend

Sharon said...

Paula, Your whole story reminded me of the time, as a very young wife, when we had to take the bed down for something and the dust bunnies under there embarrased me so bad. You see, we lived in an old house with linited outlets an the vacuume cord would only reach so far. Reminded me of our lives sometimes. We clean up the big stuff in the middle, but leave the little stuff in the corners to multiply.

Susan said...

Ha - I want to hear the rest of that story:)
Love how your brain works, Paula. I'm putting Lumpy Rug Day on my calendar from now on.