Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Being a mother - one of the toughest jobs and yet one of the most rewarding roles. I'm proud to be the mama of a teenage daughter for whom I've also been homeschool mom. She penned a poem for a poetry assignment and said I could include it here.

Motherhood looks like a baby fast asleep
Held in the arms of a mother who loves her deep.
She dreams of ponies and soft woolen sheep.
As baby sleeps her mother does weep
For Mother knows her baby she can not keep.
Mother hopes one day she loves Jesus deep
Before from Mother's home she will leap.
Mother lays that dear baby in a heap
She goes back to her chair so cheap
Mother falls into a deep sweet sleep.
And Jesus whispers 'All you ask for your child you will reap'
'But for now, dear child, just sleep.'
He then as gentle as a bird did into His arms sweep
And He whispered to Mother, 'For now, my baby, just sleep.'

-Shelly Mowery

I found the following little poem in my grandmother's Bible.

The Housewife's Epitaph

Here lies a poor woman, who always was tired.
She lived in a house, where no help was hired.
Her last words on earth, "Dear friend I am going
Where washing ain't done, nor sweeping nor sewing.
But everything there is exact to my wishes.
For where they don't eat, there's no washing of dishes."

Author unknown

The legacy mothers leave to their children is important to consider. The "mamas" in my family have long passed on a legacy of faith. My grandmother attended church until she couldn't physically go because of arthritis. She read her Bible every night before going to sleep, and most nights she played a stack of southern gospel records while falling asleep. For more of a description of her, see Proverbs 31.
This is where my mother learned to be the godly mama she is today. If she's not at home, you'll probably find her at the church or visiting one of the ladies from her Sunday school class. Her faith has shone bright through two bouts of breast cancer and numerous health issues.
I've prayed ever since the birth of my daughter that I somehow embody and carry on the godly legacy of the mamas before me. I still pray that everyday.

Happy Mother's Day to all the "mamas" out there. Keep living for the Lord in front of your children. They need good footprints to follow.

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