Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Please take notice of the quote below my name. Life is God's novel, let Him write it. I'm not sure who said that or wrote that, but I do know it has become the theme of my life right now.
Let's face it, as Christians our lives are like a story unfolding through the direction of the Lord. Sometimes, if I'm honest, I like to take over the writing. Not a smart idea. Just as the song by Casting Crowns says: to God, our life is history. He's already standing at the end. I'm trying to keep this in mind. He has the best in mind for me, and He knows the best decisions and directions.
By relying on His leading, I've been traveling into the world of writing. God has blessed me with articles in a national magazine and a column online. He has also recently allowed me a contract for one of my novellas. Someone asked me how I felt now that I will be traditionally published. The first word that came to mind was humble. I am humbled by the fact that God would actually allow me this writing ministry.
Stories contain a theme or a motive - a dominant idea. God has constantly given me stories of hope to share - the hope found only in Him. My prayer would be that God would use me and my writing to touch someone with the hope they may be searching for. If one is touched for Christ, all of this is worth it.
Thus, join me here for updates on my writing as well as that of others in the form of guests and reviews. Also, stay tuned for messages that God would have me to share with you here.
Bless you, reader. Keep letting God write that novel of your life. Who knows what plot turns and characters He will introduce - it's an adventure!