Thursday, December 28, 2017

My One Word

Some people have asked me about picking a word for the year. Below is a link to a YouTube video in which one of the authors of the My One Word book explains a bit about this idea and process. Now this video is a bit old - I believe he mentions 2012. But it still holds the basics to this concept of picking one word to guide your life instead of a host of resolutions for the new year.

There is a book available as well as a study for this My One Word concept. I received the book a couple of years ago and still at this time of year I go back to it.

Here's the link to give you an idea: My One Word intro with Ashcroft

Just a couple of mornings ago I woke up with my word on my mind. I will admit, I was resistant and asked God if He was quite sure about this one. In the past I've had words like intentional and diligent.

For 2018 God has nudged me to choose SURRENDERED as my one word.

I'll be sharing about my one word here off and on.

I would love to know if you choose a word to guide your year. Please share in the comments.

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