Thursday, September 7, 2017

Model It Part II

Admittedly, many of the things we learn are gained through example. And we are told in the Bible to follow our role model Jesus.

As Christians we are to imitate Christ and then pray that He would make us a worthy example to be copied.

If others were copying you in your Christian walk, would they be imitating Christ?

This is yet another tactic through which we convey our Christian legacy.

What would you want someone who considers you to be his or her role model to say about you?

When I consider those who are watching me, I have to examine myself constantly to make sure I'm living up to being copied. I fail miserably but that's not a reason to stop trying to be the best imitator of Christ I can be.

Thing is, we never know who is watching us. This is why I have begun to pray each morning to shine Jesus, whether at work, church, home or in my community. I'm a role model for Christ if I claim to be a Christian. Being a good role model is as much of an intentional act as passing on a Godly legacy.

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