Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I'm Still Saying Merry Christmas

Just the other day we were having a discussion about saying Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas in my Sunday school class. One of the guys said that a sales lady wished him happy holidays and he returned with Merry Christmas. He joked that he felt like he was witnessing to her just because he actually told her Merry Christmas.

We then got into a discussion about what non-believers even celebrate at Christmas. Let's face it, even the word Christmas itself let's you know what the celebration is all about. It would seem that those who didn't want to celebrate Christ's birth on December 25th would just skip it altogether.

Honestly, what do those who don't celebrate Christ's birth tell their children? It's all about Santa Claus? Saddens me to think of what their holidays revolve around.

But let me be politically incorrect or whatever you want to call it. I will say, Merry Christmas. In fact, I often tell others to have a Christ-filled Christmas.

It is sad to me that we have come to this in our day. We're told not to offend others by pushing our beliefs by simply wishing someone a Merry Christmas.

Let me just say that I celebrate Christmas as a time when God looked down and said, "I love them so much, I'm sending my best gift." I praise God as the angels on that night - Glory to God in the highest. We didn't deserve the gift. But the God of the universe had this plan all along to send Jesus to pay for our sins and make a way for us to be reconciled to God.

Because my eternal hope rests in the Christ whose birth we celebrate at Christmas time, I will not mince words. I will wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that you too know the hope found in Jesus Christ. Our only hope. Our blessed hope.

Merry Christ-filled Christmas!

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Julie from TX said...

Yes. I guess that's an agreement with all of your post. I am never offended when my Jewish friends say Happy Hanukkah, instead of happy holidays. I think it's just a handful of (adjective) people who are aiming to standardize everyone under the guise of being non-offensive. In the end, diversity is stripped away, which is partially what our country is about. Oh we are just such a twisted people
Good post, Paula.
And Merry Christmas