Saturday, April 2, 2016

Children's Book Day

Yikes! I just about let this little holiday pass by without letting you know about one of my favorite children's books of all time.

Robert Munsch wrote a great little tale called The Paper Bag Princess. I've used this book with children and adults to teach about the elements of a story. And I've just read it for the fun of it.

This isn't your normal princess and prince story with a dragon thrown in. No. Instead of Princess Elizabeth being saved by Prince Ronald, Munsch puts a twist on the same old story.

This princess is spunky and clever.

I use this little book for story writing lessons because Munsch follows the "rules" of good story writing so perfectly.

At the very beginning we are introduced to the main character and the setting but immediately we see an inciting action that pulls the reader in. The classic three act structure is seen, but the author doesn't give us a cookie cutter main character but a unique one. The ending isn't predicable either.

Check it out, friends!

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