Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Valentine

My hubby and I were in first grade together, but we didn't really know each other at that time. Of course, boys and girls didn't really mingle quite like they do now. We feared getting cooties from the other.

Now in middle school, we started to notice each other. He'll tell you that he liked a pair of light blue pants I had that sported roller skates on the back pocket with little shoestring ties. This was when guys and girls said they were going together.

Then heartbreak of all heartbreak, my family moved about an hour away and we broke it off. But after a couple of years, we found our way back home, and I found my true love again.

We dated all through high school and college. We married five months after I walked across the Maryville College stage to get my Bachelor.

We've celebrated 26 years of marriage. I'm so glad God brought this man into my life. I'm so glad that we have followed God's path into the adventures my hubby promised on our wedding day. He said he couldn't promise me a fancy house or lots of money, but if we would vow to follow God, he was sure we would have an adventure. God hasn't let us down.

Happy Valentine's Day to my hubby and adventure-sharer! I love you!

Here we are celebrating our 25th anniversary.

Here's another at the 25th celebration. We're standing in front of my wedding dress and veil.

Here we are at one of our favorite places to go together - the beach.

Everyone have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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