Monday, January 18, 2016

Legacy-Leaver Loser?

Do you get overwhelmed with the day to day busyness of life? Does it crowd out what you really want to do and accomplish? I'm so right there with you.

The enemy knows what will pull me down and distract me from what God has for me. For me, that's getting caught up in the circumstances of life. I get so busy trying to get everything done that I'll push aside my Bible and quiet time. I reason that I don't have time to include that with all of the chores I must accomplish. This creates an avalanche. Without my time with God, I'm primed to be dragged into the messiness of life. I bristle at every criticism from others. I grumble and mumble.

Sometimes I will push ahead and read my Bible and have my quiet time, but I dash from that moment right back into the rat-race. I haven't really focused on what God might be trying to say to me and basking in His comfort.

A quote from Max Lucado really hit me recently. "Live out your inheritance, not your circumstance."

Wow, do I want to do that. I don't want to just bounce from circumstance to circumstance. I want to live out what God has planned for me. I don't want to become a legacy-leaver loser.

In Psalm 139 God explicitly says that He knew me intimately before I was ever placed in my mother's womb. Not only that, but He had a plan for me at that time. In Jeremiah 29:11 God says that He has a plan for me.

Now here's the clincher that my hubby pointed out in a recent sermon. God's plan for me will only come about if I am willing to follow it. God has given me the choice and free will to choose His plan or to wallow in the circumstances.

Oh, how I want to live out my inheritance and pass on that Godly legacy. It comes down to a decision that I must make daily. Am I going to just go through the motions, letting circumstances steer me? Or am I going to choose to focus on God and His plan for me? It's more than just checking off my quiet time with God and reading a certain amount in my Bible each day. I have to willfully choose to focus on that quiet time and those words from His Word. I have to decide to live out this inheritance.

Will the messiness of life and the circumstances go away if I choose to follow God's plan? Nope. But I will have a different perspective. I might even find that some of those circumstances help me to grow by seeing them as tools in God's hands.

Okay, so here goes: Lord, today I choose to focus on You and listen for Your leading. Teach me to live out my inheritance and not my circumstances. Don't let me be a legacy-leaver loser. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Do you struggle with allowing circumstances to overwhelm you? What do you do to live out your inheritance, not your circumstance?


Julie from TX said...

Thanks Paula. I needed this today.

Paula Mowery said...

Glad you stopped by!