Monday, June 22, 2015

Not Safe in School or Church Anymore?

Some fellow Christians and I were discussing the past. We could all remember when school and church were the two safest places. But, after the shootings in both institutions, we tend to not feel safe anywhere.

What is a Christian to do? We want to lock ourselves away and play to our fears. But, God doesn't want us to give up like this. In fact, we forget about some of our greatest assets as a child of God.

1. Our God is greater than the enemy. In fact, God actually gave us the first big spoiler. In Revelation, He tells us that we win. We already know the ending and the enemy is defeated.

2. Our God is with us through whatever we go through. He promises to be with us and had it written in His Word for our constant reminder.

3. We can receive peace to endure any hardship or suffering. God's Word echoes to us to not fear 366 times. I think He meant it.

4. God's Word encourages us to stick together with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Father understands that we sometimes need someone in bodily form beside us.

5. Even if suffering ends in death and grief, God encourages us by letting us know that we don't have to grieve like those outside the family of God. We may mourn losses but not like those who have no hope.

6. When we suffer, we're in good company with our Savior.

7. We have the assurance that to be absent from our body means to be present with our Lord.

8. We can also have confidence in the fact that we don't have to be strong enough to face situations. The Spirit inside of us isn't called the Comforter for nothing. And, in our weakness, we are made strong through Him.

9. We have the awesome opportunity of communication with the Lord through prayer. When we just don't know what to do or say, the Spirit is there for us, interpreting.

10. We are His witnesses. The way we react or act in a situation might just speak volumes to those watching us. His children are still God's plan for reaching a dying world.

Those are just a few that came to my mind as I've been contemplating all the evil I see happen all around us. Yes, I've wanted to crawl in bed and put the covers over my head and hope it all goes away. But, God's Word warns about these last days we are living in. My dear brother and sister in Christ, it's not going to get any easier.

In light of that fact, let me as your sister in Christ spur you on through Christ Jesus our Lord. Don't throw in the towel! We have the victory!

What other assets can you think of that we have as children of God? You would be amazed at how boosted you can feel from considering these blessings.


Patti Shene said...

Hi Paula. Great post! I think the thing I cling to the most is the fact that God's power trumps any evil the devil can throw at us!

chris granville said...

We are more than conquerors as we stay close to Our Lord....
God bless you

Brooke Cox said...

Great blog girlfriend and you are so right. It think we let the devil trick us into feeling defeated because he knows we have the greatest victory of all!