Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spiritual Warfare - Really?

Do you believe in spiritual warfare?

I can give you a hearty yes for my answer.

My husband is a pastor, so we know about this opposition. He must deal daily with satan's push against revealing the truth from God.

Personally, I have looked forward to the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference for many months. I was eager to return and teach the classes God had led me to create just for this year's attendees. I had especially prayed for my devotional class and that God would encourage exactly the people He wanted in this class. We would be creating a devotional book for Christian writers, in hopes of encouraging them in their calling to write Christian literature.

The week before the conference I felt under attack. Many of the faculty at this conference have voiced similar experiences each year before the conference.

At first I let all of the attacks pull me down, strip my confidence, and rob my joy. Should I even attend the conference in light of the circumstances around me? When this thought ran through my mind, I became a little miffed at myself.

What was I doing? I was allowing my enemy to defeat me without a fight. And, what was it about me going to this conference that had riled satan enough to try to thwart my efforts?

"Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:10-12

The verse above doesn't say, be strong. Rather, it states to be strong in the Lord. We put on His armor.

I was trying to combat this enemy with my own strength. Can I tell you, friends? We will lose every time. But, now with God's strength, we can't lose.

This life is a battle and we're sure to come out with some scrapes and bruises. But, we can take our stand against every campaign of the devil through our Lord.

So, this is a happily ever after - I prayed and went on to the conference. I now know why satan didn't want me to go. I experienced such "holy encounters" through my class attendees as well as the music and speakers. The spirit of darkness wanted to rob me of the light and truth and sweet worship and fellowship.

Have you had to battle the enemy lately? Were you armed with God's strength?


Kristal McKerrington said...

Amazing blog and so moving.

Renee-Ann said...

The same thing happened to me. Not once but twice. In march, the day before I left for Mt Hermon Christian Writers Conference, I woke up with a very raw feeling in my throat. Oh no! Not now! was my first thought. By the time I got to Mt Hermon, it was a full blown sinus cold.

Then, the day before I left for Blue Ridge Mountains, I woke up with a very sore back. Walking was fine but getting up from a sitting position was excruciating.

Both time, all I could do was ask God to take it away from me, or help me deal with it. He did.

And both times, I refused to let Satan bring me down. I was going no matter what.

It's too easy to give up instead of fighting. But we can't let the enemy win.

Jesus didn't give up on us. So now that God's provided for us to go to these conferences, why should we give up on what He has in store for us?

Patty Smith Hall said...

So understand what you went through--lately, I've been wondering if my writing is 'good enough.' My sales numbers are okay and I've got another book coming out in January--still, am I 'good enough?'

Then God got a hold of me and let me know that as long as I'm giving my best for Him, that's all He wants. So even though my royalty checks could only buy me a happy meal, I'm doing my best for Him and that's all He wants from me.

Blessings, sis!

Paula Mowery said...

Thanks Kristal for stopping by and your encouragement.

Renee-Ann, I'm glad we decided to fight! God is faithful.

Patty, I'm right there with you. But, I agree. As long as we are giving our best and being obedient to Him, that's all that matters.

Brooke Cox said...

Girl, we had such an awesome time. I almost let Satan do that to me too. But you are so right about one important thing. It's not our strength, but His. We often forget to tap into the Holy Spirit!